Ombre Grey Short Curly Wig Bangs
Ombre Grey Short Curly Wig Bangs
Ombre Grey Short Curly Wig Bangs
Ombre Grey Short Curly Wig Bangs
Ombre Grey Short Curly Wig Bangs
Ombre Grey Short Curly Wig Bangs

Ombre Grey Short Curly Wig Bangs

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Description of this wig: 
Our Wig adopted New 100% High Temperature Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber hair, It is the best fiber material for wig. Its physical properties, appearance, color and texture are highly similar to real hair, look just like real hair.  
From each of a synthetic fiber to every net, we are using high quality, safe, and comfortable material. This wig is airy, breathable and soft. 
AISI QUEENS, Create a style, distinctive wig for you. We offers up head turning fashion-forward short and mid-length styles which makes it can make you find a different you if you want to try something fresh. 
Color: Gray Mixed Black 
Length: approx 13 inch 
Weight: approx 280g 
Cap Size: 2 adjustable elastics straps, which can fit different head size 
Package: 1 wig + 1 free wig cap 
Quality: Top quality synthetic heat resistant fiber,no harm to skin,light weight,tight, very soft

Wig Details:
Material: 100% Top Quality Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber 
Texture: Short Afro Curly Wig with Soft Touch and Natural Looking 
Color: Gray Mixed Black , match your skin perfectly 
Applications: Perfect for daily use or party

The length of the wig: 
The length of the wig is 13 inch, and please due to allow 2-5cm difference due to the flexibility of hair extension and manual measurement. And the length of the bangs is about 4.5 Inch. 
If you think the hair is bigger then your expected, you can free to trim the hair by hand easily, which will also bring you other new look.  
1.Before wear your wig, give the wig a shake after taking out of the package and hang it on for a while, it'll be more beautiful than before! 
2.Shake the wig up and down to make the wig more fluffy and natural 
3.Fix the wig cap by the buckle 
4.Spray wig care solution and style wigs hair in your favor

Cleaning Instructions: 
1.The wig doesn't need to be washed frequently, but care and maintain it regularly. 
2.Smooth the wig before putting it into cold or lukewarm water. 
3.Add a little mild shampoo and wash gently. 
4.Rinse thoroughly and towel to blot up the water. 
5.Use metal comb or oxhorn comb, and then hang and dry it naturally. We don’t suggest plastic comb because it may cause static electricity. 
6.All synthetic hair wigs be happened to minimum shedding and tangling which is normal. Brush wig into desired style after it is dry. 
7.You may enjoy wearing it again!

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